The constitution of the UOITFA establishes five permanent standing committees: Equity, Nominations and Elections, Collective Bargaining, Finance and a Grievance Committee.

The Equity Committee shall be open to all Association members of equity seeking groups and is Chaired by the Equity Representative with a co-Chair to be elected from the committee membership, subject to Executive and membership ratification in accordance with the Constitution. The Committee shall be responsible for exploring and advancing equity issues within the Association and the University.

The Nominations and Elections Committee is appointed annually in January by the Executive Committee. This committee is comprised of the Past President (or, in the absence of a Past President, the Vice-President) who serves as Chair of the Committee, two Faculty Representatives, and two members-at-large.

The Collective Bargaining Committee is chaired by the UOITFA Vice-President. It assists the Bargaining Team by advising and supporting their bargaining activities. This committee must include at least one Teaching Faculty Member and one Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Member who are not on the  Bargaining Team along with the Chair.

The Finance Committee is chaired by the UOITFA Treasurer, and includes at least one Teaching Faculty Member and one Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Member. It ensures the financial health of the organization and monitors its fiscal situation, makes recommendations on investments, and helps to prepare the association’s annual budget.

The Grievance Committee is co-chaired by the Grievance Officer and must include one Teaching Faculty Member and one Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Member. This committee is responsible for reviewing all grievances that are brought forward.

Standing committees can only be established or abolished by a two-thirds majority vote at a General Meeting of the Association following a 15 day notice of motion.

Ad hoc committees can be established or abolished at any Executive or General Meeting of the Association by a majority vote.

Committee members will be selected by the Executive, subject to ratification at the first, subsequent, General Meeting of the Association.

Each Standing Committee shall meet at the call of its Chair or at the call of any two of its members.

For more information on UOITFA committees, please see Article 10 – Committees of the UOITFA Constitution.

Are you interested in serving on a committee? Please contact your Faculty Association for more information, or to express your interest. The call out for committee service typically goes out following our Spring AGM.

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