Bargaining Meeting

As you may recall, the Employer (UOIT) put their first monetary (financial) offer on the table. Their offer is essentially zero-zero-zero for 3 years. For more information about their offer please see our update by clicking here.

Many of our Members have been quite concerned about this and in response we are having a meeting next week.

UOIT Faculty Association - Tenured & Tenure-Track Bargaining Update - Monday January 11th 2016 - 2 to 3pm - UA 2230 -- For more information, please go to

If the Membership does not show their concern for this offer, then the FA is limited in what we are able to counter with. We need to hear from you on what you think of this offer.  Are you ready for three years of zeros? 

We need your support, as bargaining now starts to speed up. Our team can only bargain if we have a strong mandate from you. 

Both sides have set tentative end of bargaining dates (i.e. a deal) for early February (4-6 weeks!).  We need to respond quickly!

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. 

In Service,
Your UOITFA Bargaining Team

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