2019 Strike Mandate Vote Results

Faculty Members at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) have voted 86% in favour of a strike Mandate, the highest in our history. 79% of Faculty Members voted, a powerful show of support.

“Clearly, our membership has given their bargaining team a strong mandate for improved working and learning conditions at UOIT, in line with those offered at other universities in Ontario,” stated Christine McLaughlin, Executive Director of the UOIT Faculty Association.

“Our members are deeply committed to the students of UOIT, and love their jobs; at the same time, they deserve the same level of job security that is enjoyed by Professors at other universities across Ontario” says UOITFA President Kimberly Nugent. “This mandate shows that our members care deeply about job security. Universities should be model employers, leading the way in creating and protecting good jobs in our community.”

Also a priority for the Association is a fair pension and benefit plan in line with other professors in Ontario. Our Faculty Members have among the worst pension and benefits for faculty members at Ontario universities; comparable pension and benefits will help us to recruit leading professors, and retain the quality faculty we already have at UOIT.

“Our members haven’t had an improvement in pension and benefits since the University opened, and we accepted poorer provisions in the interests of building a new university; after 15 years, faculty have born the costs of inadequate pension and benefits long enough,” said Mike Eklund, Chief Negotiator for the UOITFA.

The UOITFA is an association of tenured, tenure-track, teaching, and limited-term faculty at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Members of the UOITFA have a track record of excellence in research and publishing, teaching, classroom innovation, experiential learning, and community service. The reputation of UOIT is as strong as its faculty.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kimberly Nugent, President, UOITFA (905-721-8668 ext. 2049, [email protected]) or visit https://uoitfa.wpengine.com/bargaining-101/ for an informative FAQ about Bargaining at UOIT including information on Strike Mandate Votes.

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