Bargaining Bulletin #6

Dear Teaching Faculty,

Congratulations! Our new collective agreement has been ratified by both the membership and the Employer. This is an important milestone for us all.

The FA will be hosting workshops to help navigate some aspects of the Collective Agreement. Stay tuned for workshops on Negotiating Workload, Continuing Appointment and Promotion. Let us know if there are other topics you would like covered.

Remember that we have negotiated better and stronger language. If you encounter a problem with how the CA is being administered, please let us know ASAP. Problems can often be resolved informally, but the FA cannot help you if you do not inform us in a timely manner. It is not wise to wait 3 years until the next round of bargaining to fix individual or systemic issues you may be facing.

Finally, thank you for the support you have shown the Faculty Association and Bargaining Team over the last year. It was a long process, and not without a few bumps in the road, but I believe the Teaching Faculty unit was finally “heard” by the University. I am very proud of the progress made towards addressing some of the systemic problems faced by Teaching Faculty and I look forward to growing as a unit and helping to foster a better teaching-intensive culture at UOIT.

Thank you.


Kimberly Nugent
Outgoing Chief Negotiating Officer


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