Bargaining Update #4

We just finished a series for four half-day sessions over the past two weeks. This makes seven bargaining sessions in total so far. I wish that I could report to you that we are making good progress, but I cannot. Our next session will be on November 29th 2018. We had hoped exchange monetary proposals this past Wednesday, but we can’t get the Administration to commit to doing so.

The following tables show where we stand with the non-monetary articles:

Waiting for UOIT to respond We have been waiting for
a written response since:
Article 1 – Purpose Oct 24
Article 8 – Correspondence Nov 21
Article 10 – No Discrimination or Harassment Oct 24
Article 12 – Health and Safety Oct 24
Article 13 – Working Environment Oct 24
Article 14 – Academic Freedom Oct 24
Article 15 – Appointments Oct 24
Article 17 – Performance Review Oct 29
Article 18 – Official File Oct 29
Article 19 – Third Year Review Oct 29
Article 20 – Tenure Oct 24
Article 21 – Continuing Appointment Oct 24
Article 22 – Promotion to Full Professor Nov 16
Article 23 – Promotion to Senior Teaching Professor Nov 16
Article 24 – Discipline Oct 29
Article 29 – Intellectual Property Nov 16
Appendix D – Intellectual Property Nov 14
LOU #1 – Employment Equity Oct 24
LOU #2 – Intellectual Property Nov 14
LOU #3 – Continued Email Privileges Oct 24
LOU #4 – Student Course Feedback Surveys Oct 24
LOU #5 – Office Space Working Group Oct 24


Signed Date
Article 4 – Management Rights Oct 29
Article 6 – Dues Deduction Nov 16
Article 7 – No Strike or Lock-Out Oct 29
Article 9 – Joint Committee Oct 29
Appendix C – List of Arbitrators Oct 29
For our part, I am pleased to report to you that your Bargaining Team is doing an excellent job of preparing our responses and presenting them at the table. For our part, we have responded promptly to their proposals and have only two to respond to currently.

As I reported to you in my last update, this round started with attempts to slow down the process. This continues. The Faculty Association’s Bargaining Team and I will need your support over the coming weeks to help convince the Administration to move forward towards a new Collective Agreement. We want to ensure that the administration is prepared to address issues such as pension, benefits, workload, compensation, ensuring UOIT follows best practices and other important issues that are contained in our Bargaining Mandate.

Please come out to the Faculty Association’s Better Pension and Benefits Townhall on December 6th from 1pm to 4pm in UA 1140 for a candid in-person update on the state of negotiations and a discussion on the current pension and benefits situation at UOIT. A strong turnout at this event will help send a serious message to the Employer that their stalling is appalling – and show that we are Stronger Together. As well, please sign the Faculty Association’s Better Pension and Benefits Petition.

Mike Eklund, CNO

Bargaining Team Members:
Mike Eklund, CNO
Sue Coffey
Bin Chang
Ruth Simpson
Elita Partosoedarso
Ana Duff
Christine McLaughlin
Chelsea Bauer

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