Social Media Day of Action: September 15th 2021

The UOITFA is running a social media day of action in support of your bargaining team as they head into bargaining for the first time in the Fall Semester and we need our members to show their support!

How to get involved:

  • Draft your own tweets or posts or use the UOITFA’s pre-drafted messages. See below for some pre-drafted tweets in support of the UOITFA!
  • Take a picture or selfie with the digital background that addresses the issue that is most important to you.
  • Retweet/repost messages from the UOITFA and your colleagues
  • Send a picture or message to the UOITFA at [email protected] and we can post it for you from UOITFA social media accounts

Your participation is essential to the make sure that the Administration takes these issues seriously at the bargaining table!
Graphics and digital backgrounds, and instructions on changing your profile picture and/or background can be found here!! If you need any assistance changing your background or profile picture, let us know at [email protected] and we will help you figure it out!
Pre-drafted Tweets in Support of the UOITFA:

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified many challenges faculty and students have been facing at Ontario Tech and Faculty want to bargain to address these challenges and improve working conditions for faculty and learning conditions for students.

Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions – we are prioritizing fair workloads that give Faculty the chance to really focus on students and their success at Ontario Tech.

If Ontario Tech wants to be known as a research-intensive University than it needs to prioritize the amazing research being done by @UOITFA members and ensure Faculty have the time to dedicate to research

We want a fair Collective Agreement that prioritizes the core mission of Ontario Tech: education and research.

It is time for Ontario Tech’s administration to negotiate a fair collective agreement that brings working and learning conditions at Ontario Tech in line with those offered at other universities in Ontario #CanLab #ONPSE

A fair collective agreement for Faculty will make Ontario Tech a more respectful, equitable and transparent place for the entire community.

All Faculty Members at Ontario Tech deserve access to proper benefits and a strong pension plan that allows our members to retire with dignity.

How can Faculty support Ontario Tec students through these challenging times when they themselves aren’t receiving the mental health support they need themselves? Better mental health supports are needed to ensure a safe and healthy campus this year.

Mental health concerns continue to grow among all members of the university community. It is important that Ontario Tech’s mental health strategy provides support for both students and faculty

Support the UOITFA’s bargaining team as they fight for better benefits including mental health supports that will benefit Faculty as they work to support students and the community at Ontario Tech.

Without a common understanding of how much work a course requires, a faculty member’s workload can vary dramatically, and students pay the price when Faculty are overworked and undervalued

A fair and equitable workload will ensure all Faculty Member workloads are fair and equitable so that all students receive a high quality of education and adequate faculty support.

Equal pay for equal work! Statistics Canada data show that female Faculty at OTU, on average, get paid 13% less than men for doing the same jobs.

If Ontario Tech is really committed to supporting gender equity, diversity and inclusion in teaching and research than they need to take action to fix the gender pay gap on their own campus.

The best way to ensure there are more #womeninSTEM is to ensure they are being paid the same as their male colleagues. Its time Ontario Tech took the gender pay gap in STEM seriously and address it on their own campus.

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