Social Media Day of Action January 18th 2022: Help the UOITFA bargain a fair deal and avoid a strike

The UOITFA is running a social media day of action in support of your bargaining team as we count down to a potential strike deadline. We need your support to get Ontario Tech to take bargaining seriously and work with us to negotiate a fair deal that prioritizes high-quality education and research at Ontario Tech.

Supporting the UOITFA now through participating in our Social Media Day of Action, sending a letter of support through the Take Action to Avoid a Strike Campaign and discussing our issues with your students and colleagues using our Discussing a Potential Strike Tool Kit will help send a strong message to the University and help us avoid a strike.

How to get involved:

  • Draft your own tweets or posts or use the UOITFA’s pre-drafted messages. See below for some pre-drafted tweets in support of the UOITFA!
  • Take a picture or selfie with the digital background that addresses the issue that is most important to you.
  • Post a message using one of the UOITFA graphics or generate your own awesome memes to show your support!!
  • Retweet/repost messages from the UOITFA and your colleagues.
  • If you would like to ensure that the University is seeing your messages, feel free to tweet directly to the University by including their twitter handle @ontariotech_u or President Murphy’s twitter handle @DrStevenMurphy.

Graphics and digital backgrounds, and instructions on changing your profile picture and/or background can be found here

Additional graphics and some amazing memes can be found here

If you need any assistance changing your background or profile picture or would like us to send out your message of support for you if you aren’t on social media, please reach out to the UOITFA at [email protected]

Pre-Drafted Tweets in Support of the UOITFA

Faculty need Ontario Tech to take our workload concerns seriously and work with us to ensure our students are getting the quality education they deserve. Take action to avoid a strike and send a letter in support of @UOITFA Faculty at

UOITFA members, our students and the entire University community do not need any more uncertainty – we need a fair and equitable deal that prioritizes high quality education at @ontariotech_u. Help us avoid a strike by taking action at

A call to Ontario Tech students/alumni and folks in support of labour organizing: My faculty association prepared a letter you can send to Ontario Tech’s President and senior leadership team to ask that they bargain in good faith and avert a strike:

Faculty have worked so hard to support the University throughout the pandemic and they deserve the same support in return. It’s time for @OntarioTech_U to prioritize quality education and the faculty that deliver it!!

PSAC555 and the UOITFA stand in solidarity together because the ability to deliver quality education, fair workloads, job stability, pay equity, benefits, pensions, and the expectation of being treated with dignity and respect should never be a fight. Help us at:

UOITFA members give so much to the University through their incredible teaching and intensive research – isn’t it time for Ontario Tech to prioritize high quality education the way that Faculty already do? Support faculty at #UOITFAprofscare

Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. Send an email to Ontario Tech and tell them to negotiate a fair collective agreement with faculty that addresses overwhelming workloads and serious equity concerns: #UOITFAcares

For Ontario Tech to be known as a research-intensive University, it needs to prioritize the amazing research being done by @UOITFA members. Take action to show that research is vital to the University at: #supportOTUfaculty #researchmatters #OnPSE

When workload provisions worsen through increased class sizes or less TA support, that means Faculty have less time to ensure that students are receiving the best possible education. Help us make sure Ontario Tech prioritizes high quality education at

You can help Faculty ensure that Ontario Tech prioritizes lower class sizes, better student-to-faculty ratios and more research and experiential educational opportunities for students by taking action here:

Supporting our students is one of the best parts of our job as Faculty. We are fighting for better workload provisions to make sure we have the time to continue to do so. Help us by taking action at

Having the one of the highest student-to-faculty ratios means that students at Ontario Tech get less time with their profs than students get at almost every other university in Canada. Help us get Ontario Tech to address this issue and avoid a strike:

Instead of proposing rollbacks, @ontariotech_u should be working with Faculty to prioritize quality education through strong equity measures, fair workloads, and better resources for Faculty, staff and students. Take action to avoid a strike at:

It is so important for students to understand that the last thing Faculty want is a strike – but @ontariotech_u’s bargaining team is once again proposing to roll back faculty rights which will directly affect the student experience. Take action to ensure we don’t have to strike at:

We all want to build a secure future for Ontario Tech that prioritizes the core values that make our university great: education, research, equity and respect. The @UOITFA knows we can work together to get it done. Help us at:

It is time for Ontario Tech’s administration to negotiate a fair collective agreement that brings working and learning conditions at Ontario Tech in line with those offered at other universities in Ontario. Take action to support UOITFA profs at: #CanLab #onpse

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