UOIT Faculty Association Annual General Meeting: April 25th 2019 1pm to 3pm

When: Thursday April 25th 2019, 1pm to 3pm

Where: J102, North Campus

Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Amendments are now being accepted for the April 25th 2019 Annual General Membership Meeting as per Article 14.1 of the UOIT Faculty Association Constitution. Please use the Constitutional Amendment Form to submit any constitutional amendments.

The Faculty Association is asking that you please submit your constitutional amendments by March 25th 2019 via email to [email protected] and [email protected] in order to allow for sufficient time for processing and circulation to the membership. Constitutional amendments will be circulated to the membership by April 10th 2019 if any are received by the Faculty Association.

Nominations and Elections for Faculty Representatives

As per Article 5.7, the Nominations and Elections Committee will inform members of the Association by email of the nominations at least 15 days in advance of the Annual Meeting. Members must be nominated in writing to the Nominations and Elections committee by one other member of the Association. All advance nominations shall be publicly announced to the membership by the Nominations and Elections Committee at least 48 hours before the Annual Meeting.

Please use the AGM Elections and Nominations Form to nominate members for the position of Faculty Representative (1 representative per Faculty) and Member-at-large from the Tenured/Tenure-track Faculty Stream.

Please fill, print, and sign prior to the meeting if possible. Forms can be submitted in-person to the Faculty Association office (UA 2045) or you may complete the form, scan it and send it to the Faculty Association office at [email protected].

Nominations submitted in advance of the meeting will be circulated to the membership on Tuesday April 23rd 2019. Forms ready after Tuesday April 23rd 2019 at 1pm should be brought directly to the Annual General Meeting.

The FA may contact the nominator and/or the nominee for questions regarding the nomination.

Voting will take place at the meeting. Where there are more than one candidate for a single position, a secret ballot election will take place. Only those physically present at the meeting may cast a ballot.

If you have any questions about constitutional amendments or the nominations process please reach out to [email protected]

UOIT Faculty Association Service Award

Nominations are now open for the annual UOIT Faculty Association Service Award. According to the UOITFA Constitution, the Service Award “shall be given in recognition of the service that faculty members provide to the University.” The winner will receive a $750 cash award.

If you would like to nominate one of your colleagues for this award, please send a short statement outlining why you think your nominee should be recognized with a UOITFA Service Award. Nomination statements should not exceed a length of one page.

Nominations should be submitted no later than Monday March 25th 2019. Please direct your submissions to the office ([email protected]). The winner will be announced at the UOITFA Annual General Meeting in April.

The Award Committee is also seeking volunteers to assist in the selection process. Nominators and nominees will not be eligible to sit on this committee. Please contact [email protected] at your earliest convenience if you can help with this work.

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