UOITFA President’s Statement Regarding Social Justice Week

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology Faculty Association (“UOITFA”) has been notified that it has been named in an application under the Ontario Human Rights Code related to the Hasbara Fellowship having been denied a table during the Student Association at Durham College and UOITs “Social Justice Week” held in March 2016.

The decision to deny the Hasbara Fellowship a table was the result of a resolution of the Student Association.

It was not a decision made by the UOITFA.

The UOITFA neither organized the event nor made any decisions as to which organizations would be permitted to have tables at the event.

Furthermore, the UOITFA has neither passed any policy nor taken any position respecting the issues which gave rise to the decision to deny the Hasbara Fellowship a table during Social Justice Week.

The UOITFA does not have any policy and has not taken any position with respect to boycotts or sanctions against, or divestment from Israel or any other state.


Mikael Eklund
President, UOITFA

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