UOITFA Response to Interim Provost’s Message Regarding Potential Labour Action

Dear UOIT Community Members

Today we all received a message from the Provost regarding a “Possible labour disruption during the week of November 6, 2017.”

The lack of respect shown in this message was met with widespread dismay by Faculty Members – Teaching Faculty Members in particular – and students.

In his message, he noted the “limited labour disruption” that would result from job action on the part of Teaching Faculty Members. We believe there is nothing “limited” about any of our members; we all make central, important contributions to our university. Teaching Faculty’s contribution to our community can be seen in the over 200 courses they teach, which is at least 35% of the courses offered, this term, and the thousands of students who thrive under their tutelage.

The Provost indicated that “from time-to-time, the university engages in collective bargaining with its unionized employees.” We hope that they will also consider negotiating fair contracts with their employees, offering working conditions in line with those at other universities.

You will also have received a message from the President celebrating recent successes at UOIT. In this, too, we believe our faculty have played a central role in our achievements. We hope the university will one day recognize this, not only by offering us thanks, but in providing the kind of working conditions and workplace rights that make us all proud to be part of this community. Until then, please know how deeply we value all members of our campus community, including all UOITFA members, and the central role all play in our community.

Please continuing signing on to support our/your Teaching Faculty colleagues/instructors here: www.uoitfa.ca/take-action

Mike Eklund
President, UOIT Faculty Association


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